Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sephora + pantone universe

sephora + pantone universe is a designer and beauty lover's dream.
i'm not sure how many people outside of the design world will really know much about pantone, but it's really a neat idea.
i'm not super crazy about the first choice of color. don't get me wrong, orange/tangerine is one of my favorite colors. but not so much when it comes to lipsticks and such. i do however, have some of the accessories in my shopping cart (eyelash curler and tweezers) and hey! i actually need new ones. so no guilt there.
i'm excited to see what other colors they use in the future. until then, i'll just love the concept.

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Laura Hyatt said...

Great blog, and I love your layout, its really cute : )I haven’t tried this myself, but the colour looks gorgeous, and it sounds great. I might have to have a look in Boots next time. Thanks